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GPSW 2023

Oct 13 / Watt The Firms

Get real-world

challenges solved! 

The fastest way to get your real-estate innovation kick-started! 


Inspired by exciting tech- and societal talks. Together with industry professionals we will come up with ideas that are ready to deliver real impact to the built world. ​

Whether you have your first entrepreneurial ambitions, or are looking to find a tweak to make your existing solution even better. 

We will help you find a groundbreaking idea and the right connections to bring it to life!

Mijn project-1.jpg

About GPSW

GPSW is a Revive initiative that wants to offer an inspiring setting to work on solutions focused on an innovative and sustainable future with a link to real estate. Bring your start-up ideas to life and kick-start your business with the help of our industry experts, and have lasting impact on the built world. ​


Last year was a blast, now we need you to make it even better!

After winning the event, the GPSW team gave us support to build our start-up. We now have a pilot and we just pitched at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona


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