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ESG Collaboration Challenge: Improving Sustainability in Business Parks

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Objective: The challenge aims to improve the sustainability and social impact of business parks by fostering collaboration among governmental organizations, companies, and park managers. The goal is to address the challenges faced by park managers and to promote effective management of assets and energy.

Challenge Description: The challenge will focus on improving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices in business parks by promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders. The challenge will address the following issues:

  • Lack of Knowledge and Data: Many park managers lack the actual knowledge and data to act upon ESG goals. The challenge will promote the sharing of knowledge and data among stakeholders to address this issue.

  • Lack of Support: Park managers need more support in today's context. The challenge will aim to provide park managers with the necessary resources and tools to effectively manage the community.

  • Lack of Cooperation: Park managers struggle to get companies to cooperate and lack the data and tools to manage the community more effectively. The challenge will promote cooperation among companies and park managers to address this issue.

  • Inefficient Use of Assets and Energy: Assets and energy are inefficiently used in business parks. The challenge will promote the adoption of sustainable practices and technologies to improve the efficiency of energy use.

  • Overlapping Needs: Companies now look at investments and energy on an individual level while their needs are often overlapping. The challenge will promote the sharing of resources among companies to promote social goals.

  • Expected Outcome: The challenge aims to promote sustainable and socially responsible practices in business parks. The expected outcomes include:

  • Improved collaboration among stakeholders.

  • Improved knowledge and data sharing.

  • Adoption of sustainable practices and technologies.

  • Efficient use of assets and energy.

  • Promotion of social goals.

The challenge will benefit the park managers, companies, and the local community by promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices in business parks.

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