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Open Call for ESG challenges

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Call for Environmental, Social and Governance challenges

The Ghent Proptech Start-Up weekend is looking for great minds that would like to

submit environmental, social and governance challenges related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

About GPSW

GPSW is a revive initiative that wants to offer an inspiring setting to work on solutions focused on an innovative and sustainable future with a link to real estate. Bring your start-up ideas to life and kick-start your business with the help of our industry experts, get inspired by our speakers and have a lasting impact on the built world.

GPSW helps you to

  • Grow your network

  • Learn from industry leaders

  • Meet real estate professionals

  • Work on your idea in practical workshops

What are we looking for?

Companies, enthusiasts, start-ups, … that would like to submit challenges related to the ESG’s and Real estate. Our selection criteria are the originality of the challenge within the field of real estate and how well the challenge addresses any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).




The first Ghent Proptech Start-up weekend was during a weekend in May 2022. At the end of this weekend, we had 6 great pitches. The jury selected one winner and a few ideas received a special mention. The Ghent Proptech Start-up weekend wasn’t the end stop for these ideas. With one start-up even making it to Barcelona.

Why did the ideas not crash and burn after the event? Well, that is our promise, the GPSW team will assist you during the event, but we will help you further explore your great idea and maybe even create a start-up that will soon scale up.

Previous pitches

Of the 7 teams at last years GPSW, Placemate, Breathing bricks, Nap cocoon and Qrew are still in active development and still receive the full support of Revive and the other GPSW sponsors.


Imagine arriving in a new neighbourhood. One of the things you will do most is Googling all the places you might need. For example, a school near me, a grocery store, restaurant, ... The Placemate plug-in offers all these searches in one single map, based on your search profile. So if you always search for a vegan restaurant, or a music café, … Placemate will automatically show you these places on the map. This means you get relevant information on 1 map, making moving to a new neighbourhood feel like home.Placemate is a plugin for project developers, real estate agents, real estate websites, and the end-user.

Breathing bricks

Breathing bricks are fully automated green walls reducing carbon footprint and improving well being. The bricks are modular plant blocks that are sensor-based and extremely low in maintenance. They use eco-friendly material and have 95% less water consumption. The breathing bricks are great to look at, they also improve air quality, reduce energy consumption, and improve noise absorption!


In 2019 there were 0.97 million Accidental Carbon Monoxide Poisoning globally, and 41,142 people died from it. The two most common causes at home are stoves and heaters. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the most common method of toxic deaths in Tunisia. With proptech we could bring this number down! People in developing countries live in multidimensional poverty. The budget they live by does not allow room for a carbon monoxide alarm. Therefore, a new product is needed. Every household owns lightbulbs, which resulted in the idea to add a carbon monoxide alarm in an everyday lightbulb.


Qrew creates smart cities by providing citizens the tools to better communicate with different stakeholders in the built environment. With their smart technology, they provide a unified experience to a fractured real-estate landscape.

Parking Platform

The parking platform concept wants to solve parking problems by offering one platform with information on parking spaces, fees, and facilities. The platform will help you get everywhere easier by making it fast and convenient to find and reserve parking. With real-time updates on parking spaces with its facilities (eg disability), and electric chargers

Nap Cocoon

The team pitched the Nap cocoon, which is a sleeping capsule that can be set up in office spaces. It provides a cool, quiet capsule that offers the inhabitant privacy and mental space to have a good rest.


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